International Podcast

Sustainability, Affordability and Energy Security cannot be conceived independently. The balance between these three objectives constitutes a "trilemma", as any solution must take into account all three variables at the same time. Unlocking this Energy Trilemma will be key to ensuring a just and equitable Energy Transition that avoids recessions and realistically addresses the transformation of the energy industry.

Podcast en Español

Referencia de debate sectorial en español a nivel mundial.

Las Conversaciones del Foro de Energía (Desbloqueando el Trilema Energético) versan sobre las dificultades ocultas y los cuellos de botella en la disposición y uso de la energía. Se intenta dar visibilidad a nuevas ideas y soluciones. Y todo ello con una perspectiva realista y pragmática. 

Podcast for Islands

Due to the geographic location and exclusive dependency on imported fossil fuel for power generation, most island countries face the world’s uppermost energy costs with vulnerability in the supply chain and frequent interruptions.

So, it is normal for islands to be rated lower in the Energy Trilemma ranking and have more challenges to progress in the Energy Transition.

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