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Ravi and Jose talk with Thierry about Flexible Electricity Markets, plenty of renewables, but without utility-scale energy storage. The outcome is the cannibalization of Energy Sources, negative prices at some hours and high prices at others.

Then Hydrogen could become the missing piece to unlock the Energy Trilemma.

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Biography of Thierry Lepercq

Thierry Lepercq is a serial entrepreneur in energy. He is the founder of HyDeal, a developer of green hydrogen projects in Spain, aiming at delivering 150 kt/year from 2028 at fossil fuel parity, and North Africa.

Thierry Lepercq is the author of "Hydrogen is the New Oil". He was EVP Technology and Innovation at Engie from 2016 to 2018. From 2006 to 2016, he was the founder and president of Solairedirect, a global pioneer of competitive solar power, which developed and built 3 GW of capacity on four continents at prices as low as 20 $/MWh. 

A graduate from HEC Paris, Thierry Lepercq started his career in technology financing.