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ZELFRs, the Energy Unicorns

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The Launch

The conversations

 “Unlocking the Energy Trilemma” conversations debate about hidden issues and bottlenecks of Energy. We expect to make new ideas and solutions visible. And all of this with a realistic and pragmatic perspective. Even sometimes, controversial.

 Our guests are executives in energy generation and distribution companies, regulatory institutions, Research firms, and disruptive CleanTech companies, partners of energy consulting firms, senior experts and, in general, seasoned energy professionals who bring value to the debate. 

 We are looking for “key” individuals to help us navigate the Energy Transition and unlock its challenges.


The co-hosts

Ravi Krishnan

Founder of Krishnan & Associates, a global consulting firm in the Global Energy Market. Ravi served as EVP & COO of RJM Corporation, a global provider of environmental technologies, and previously worked at Southern Company.

Ravi has a BSc in Engineering, MScs in Marketing and Computing Science, and an MBA.

Jose A. Martinez "JAM"

CEO of ADEX, an AI company, Investor on disruptive SMEs at early stages, and Business Expert of the UE.

He has expertise in the delivery of accelerated international growth strategies and has helped companies in Energy, CleanTech, IT, and Nanotechnology, among others.

Jose has a MSc in Electric Engineering, with an MBA.