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The Tsunami of Negative Electricity Prices

Summary of Episode #6:

Emeric de Vigan, VP Power at Kpler, speaks with Ravi and JAM about Negative Prices of electricity in Europe. 

Why are they happening? 

Are they good or bad? 

Will they end in the consumers' bills? 

A very interesting conversation about one of the first big consequences of high renewable penetration. Pure Energy Trilemma...

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Biography of Emeric de Vigan

Emeric is VP Energy Transition at Kpler. He started his career in 2003 as a power trader for prominent players in the industry (Rhodia Energy, EDF-Trading, JP Morgan, Gunvor). In 2017, he created COR-e, a data and analytics company focused on power markets that was acquired by Kpler in 2022. 

At Kpler, Emeric is responsible for managing and developing the Energy Transition activities of the business. 

He is a regular contributor to the media, including Reuters and the Financial Times.

Emeric has a degree in Industrial Engineering from ESME.