The Context:

Over 875 million people live on islands, approximately 11% of the world's total population but occupying only 5% of the world’s total land mass (filtering vast uninhabited areas of Greenland and Australia).

With the continuous development of society, the demand for energy supply is increasing gradually. Island countries are the most suitable marketplaces in the world for standalone renewable energy sources. However, technical constraints, such as grid frequency stability and voltage control, or economic constraints, as the lack of enough investment in low carbon power, are delaying renewable penetration in islands.

Solving the Energy Trilemma on islands will demand more imagination, planning, and patience than on the mainland, as resources, power grids, and blackout risks are not the same.

White Paper

The Trilemma of Energy Transition on Islands

Sponsored by ADEX, the author (Jose A. Martinez) collects the reasons why Island Energy Systems magnify the Energy Trilemma, summarizes the current situation of power generation on islands and highlight the main challenges and opportunities for island s’ energy systems.